History of the Pink Laundry Run.

The Pink Laundry 5K started as a grassroots effort to help defray the costs of the Vest family's expenses during Stephanie's extended stay at the Mayo Clinic. Having made arrangements to be in Minnesota for only one night, unexpected complications changed the trajectory of Stephanie's prognosis. Suddenly their 24 hour visit, turned into 14 weeks. Friends, family and neighbors rallied to gather resources to ensure that the three children and household we cared for during this extended absence.

Money collected from the original 5K event went towards utility bills, food, travel expenses and medical bills. These resources allowed Eric and Stephanie to deal with her severe condition, without worrying about finances. Knowing that the mortgage was being paid, the kids were in good care and food was on the table allowed them focus on her health.

As mentioned above, proceeds from the very first Pink Laundry 5K in 2008, went directly to the Vest family. All subsequent races and fundraisers have benefitted the Stephanie Vest Foundation, and the money has been shared with other families in the Kansas City area. The Vest family receives no monetary compensation from the foundation or the 5K race. Eric and his family are committed to paying-it-forward to others in need.

The foundation operates with minimal overhead subsidized by corporate grants, ensuring that almost 100% of every dollar donated goes directly to vetted families in need.